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Patient Information

Terms of Trade

  1. Patients can provide consent to receive results by text messages and can withdraw at any time, by contacting the practice. By doing so, patients acknowledge that the supplied phone number is their own phone and if anyone else shares that phone, their health information may be disclosed to these people.  

  2. Payment is expected at time of consultation or service provided.

  3. Failure to attend an appointment or failure to cancel at least two hours prior to an appointment, may incur a charge of $28.

  4. Unpaid fees may incur an administration fee of $6 per month.  If an account remains unpaid for 60 days, the patient account may be lodged with a debt collection agency and the patient may be liable for any costs incurred in recovering the debt.  

  5. For unpaid accounts of of greater than 60 days, further routine medical services may be withheld pending payment of the outstanding balance.  

  6. Patients can also choose to register for Manage My Health to book appointments, request repeat prescriptions, view test results, etc.  

  7. Variations to the Terms of Trade may occur and the Practice will display this at Reception.  

Privacy Policy

Dunedin City GP will collect health information to provide a record of care and help provide quality treatment.  Patients' privacy and confidentiality are very important to us.  Only relevant information is collected and may be shared with others involved in your healthcare, with your consent.  Patients can refuse to have their healthcare information shared but this may affect the quality of care received.  Please feel free to talk to your doctor or nurse if you have any privacy concerns.  

Patient information is stored securely. 

This practice contributes to and accesses healthcare information from HealthOne.

What is HealthOne?  HealthOne is a South Island based secure electronic record that allows registered healthcare providers directly involved in your healthcare, to quickly access information such as your test results, allergies, medications, GP summaries and hospital information. HealthOne adheres to the principles of the Privacy Act 2020 as well as the Rules set out in the Health Information Privacy Code 2020.  Access is only possible via an approved highly secure healthcare information network which is regularly audited and tested.  Privacy auditing is used to check that only those directly involved in your care are accessing your information.  To find out more about HealthOne please visit  Please note that you are entitled to restrict the sharing of your healthcare records by contacting 0508 837 872 or emailing

Complaints Policy

Dunedin City GP strives to provide a fair, simple and quick resolution of any complaints in accordance with the NZ Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers' Rights.  Please see our Complaints Officer who will assist in this process.  You can also email or call the Reception team.